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"RAGER" by renald L.

Guess what theme it was this week at the office.

A brighter day is made by the people you surround yourself with. Though it all boils down to how you react, people that you are around influence your life. I am thankful I get to surround myself with this woman. She has helped me understand the meaning of things I’ve forgotten or have no prior knowledge of. Her, my family and friends make my life worth more than I can imagine. Here’s to more days to becoming stronger as a couple. I love you. #happy3months


Bacon Cheeseburgers with a Fried Egg


so this is a thing.

ok ok. you can get it here:


Healthy VeganFood - As Requested!


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Burger Love: Bill Kim’s incredible triple-stacked burgers are seasoned with ginger, lemongrass, cilantro and basil, then topped with fantastic cucumber kimchi.

Recipe: Triple Pork Burgers with Quick Cucumber Kimchi