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loft bedroom ~


Rooftop loft apartment ~


Squared Space

This is a relatively large space being used as a studio loft. A lot of times designers use loft spaces to partition off makeshift room, designating space for all different uses and functions. This is a different take on a similar space.

Instead of using bookshelves and screens to separate the bed and the living space, everything is pushed up against the wall. This makes the room look much larger. There is a ton of open, and some may say, wasted space. However, it really contributes to a richer, more expensive look.

In the first picture we can see how the furniture and art frames the walls, I like how none of it is on the same level, it gives depth, and reminds me of a city skyline. In the second picture the blinds do the same thing, and I liked how the kitty corner wall has a little less on it to balance out the room.

The color scheme  is subtle and fabulous. The frames, floor, bedding, blinds, and bookshelves are all a similar warm light wood color. This keeps the bed from overwhelming the room, it is actually one of the last thing you notice. I like the cool contrast of the cement walls and dark art on the adjacent wall, and the tiniest little bits of soft color really compliment the color scheme.

Overall, the large scale of the room, furniture, and bed are awesome. If they were too much smaller the room would be too overwhelming and some furniture in the middle might be in order. If you have a space like this and don’t need it to have multiple uses, a refined color scheme and design layout like this can definitely work for you.






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