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Today was a good day.

Today, I was happy.

What does the fox say? Ow ow ow. #pamiltonstovaire #etaadvertising



Wooden Skate Decks Beautifully Designed by Laser Engraving

Magnetic Kitchen

Google just showed off some pictures of its brand-new Amsterdam office. Google's offices tend to draw inspiration from the city they're in, like a Stanford-like campus for its California headquarters and a loft space for the Chelsea offices in New York. The Amsterdam office features stroopwafel ceiling tiles. There are also lots of fun little touches, like neon signs and exposed brick. And, of course, a foosball table. Are you legally allowed to have a Google office without a foosball table? We'll consult our lawyers and get back to you. Weirdly, some of the meeting rooms are in these mobile-home-type structures within the office, complete with lawn chair and grill.


Google’s New Amsterdam Offices Are Extremely Dutch

Google’s offices, though always Google-y, tend to take inspiration from their location. The original campus in Mountain View is sprawling and sunny, like an alternate-universe Stanford. The New York offices, on the far West Side, are industrial and loft-like. (More examples: LondonPittsburghDublin.) And the new Amsterdam offices have stroopwafel ceiling panels.



Roshe team

Hazukashi House by Alts Design Office | Posted by Hazukashi House by Alts Design Office | Posted by Hazukashi House by Alts Design Office | Posted by Hazukashi House by Alts Design Office | Posted by


Hazukashi House, Kyoto by Alts Design Office | via

This plan is the project that thought about how you take in rich light in a site condition of small space only in Kyoto. Is provided with a dining space gathering of family at the center of the house, that So we thought, was a blow-out there. This well space is also the space which connects a family’s bonds, and also achieves dynamic functions, such as display and room of stairs.. Also captures the light and wind diverse that while taking advantage of the material antique client demand, opening the rich opening, we have created a space with the charm which we want to put a face from anywhere in the house were.

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You know just out at lunch and passing by an idea coming to life. Having a great team to work with is key. #etaadvertising #FuegoAtTheMaya #HotelMaya #LongBeach #california

Want this so bad right now. #IrishNachos #Bruxie

S’mores latte sounds so good right now. #hashhouseagogo #vegas

Late lunch date.

#beach day at the #office. #longbeach #etaadvertising